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Investing with Comfort Communities gives investors the opportunity to access the many benefits manufactured housing has to offer, a sense of satisfaction investing in a proven business model and most importantly piece of mind knowing the business is run by a family that stands behind their name.

Manufactured housing has a handful of unique traits, which give it an edge over other real estate investments. First the turn over rate in these communities is very low, on average 5%; this is drastically lower than apartments, which average closer to 60%. As park operators the company merely owns the land and collects rent, dramatically lowering the cost of maintenance. The key aspect of the business is the demand for low-income housing; this is a constant whether the economy is strong or weak. It is these facets of the business among others that allow higher return to investors.

An important quality, which has been essential to the success of Comfort Communities, is its in house operations. Over 60 years of combined experience in real-estate, construction and management have led to the following results: an average park occupancy of over 95%, annual returns upwards of 16% and a company which has more than quadrupled in six years, the business model speaks for itself. In addition the majority of competition is either small mom and pop owners or large firms who substitute third party management companies to operate. These examples fall short of what the Comfort Communities team brings to the business which includes on site managers, site visits, video surveillance and top of the line computer software to insure timely rent payment.

The paramount difference between Comfort Communities and many other investment firms and stockbrokers is that they are family owned and operated. Comfort isn't just the company name it's their name and as principal buyers they have a vested interest in keeping investments in peak condition. Their investors range from 3rd parties to friends and family and they are focused on not only growing their business but also maintaining a strong community of investors.

If you have questions or comments there's a link below titled "Contact us today" so we can get you the answers you need. We've also put together a brochure on Manufactured Housing to get you more acquainted with the foundation of our industry. You can be comfortable knowing your money is growing with us, Comfort Communities.

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